List of Maps Relevant to Stroudwater Canal Research Projects

Compiled by Hugh Conway-Jones          (return)

April 2007

This list is arranged by Parish followed by more general maps and finally Ordnance Survey maps.

Saul Maps
Saul and Fretherne tithe maps 1841-42 - PC 1812/83 (Apportionments TRS 224/158 & 83)
Saul Drainage Plan showing buildings, roads, canals, etc, 1874 - D3489/2 (another copy in D2460)

Whitminster Maps
Whitminster tithe map 1838 - PC 1812/73 Apportionment TRS 224/196)
Bengough estate in Whitminster, Eastington & Frampton, 1927 – D4586/10 (based on OS).

Frampton-on-Severn Maps
Frampton inclosure map 1816 - PC 1812/73.

Eastington Maps
Eastington tithe map 1839 - PC 1812/73 (Apportionment TRS 224/73)
Bengough estate in Whitminster, Eastington & Frampton, 1927 – D4586/10 (based on OS).
Various properties in Eastington, 1936-63 – D1405 (see place-name index with catalogue).

Stonehouse Maps
Stonehouse tithe map 1839 - PC 1812/146 (Apportionment TRS 224/172).
Survey of an estate dispersed in Stonehouse and Randwick with reference grid to occupants, 1796 - D8187/3.
Whole parish of Stonehouse showing buildings, roads, canal etc, 1803 - D1347 (for key see PA263/4).
Whole parish of Stonehouse showing buildings, canal etc, 1839 - D1347 (possibly a draft for the Tithe Map).
Whole parishes of Stonehouse and Randwick, 1842 – D1347 (damaged).
Various properties in Stonehouse, 1906-37 – D1405 (see place-name index with catalogue).

Rodborough Maps
Lodgemore and Frome Hall mills and Bowbridge dye works, 1890 - D1815 Box 3/3.

Stroud Maps
Tithing of Paganhill showing buildings, roads, mills, canal, etc, 1819 – P320 VE 1/9.
Tithings of Upper Lyppiat, Lower Lypiatt & Steanbridge showing Brimscombe Port, buildings, mills, canal, etc, 1820 – P320 VE 1/10.
Limits of the Town of Stroud pursuant to Paving and Lighting Act showing buildings, mills, etc, 1825 – Photocopy 333.
Central Stroud and environs, showing buildings, owners & occupiers, roads, mills, canal, etc, 1835 – D1180/10/40 (& photocopy 652).
Borough of Stroud showing roads, railways, canal, mills, etc, 1837 – D1159.
Intended canal from Stroud to the River Severn, 1776 – D1180/10/50.
Ecclesiastical parish of Cainscross, c1868 – P68 IN 3/1.
Various properties in Stroud, 1903-63 – D1405 (see place-name index with catalogue).
Stroud brewery building plans, 1919 – D8188/2.
District chapelry of Holy Trinity, showing buildings, roads, canal, etc, 1879 – P397 IN 3/3.

Maps in the Stroudwater Canal Company collection - D1180/10 (listed on A2A).
Sketch map showing mills along the Stroud valley with names of owners, c1860s-80s - D4542/1/2.

Ordnance Survey 1/2500 Series
40.3       Framilode
40.7       Saul Junction
40.8       Whitminster
40.12     Bristol Road
40.16     Eastington
41.13     Newtown
49.1       Stonehouse (Bonds Mill to Upper Mills)
49.2       Ryeford & Ebley (Upper Mills to Ebley Mill)
49.3       Dudbridge & Stroud (East of Ebley Mill to Capels Mill)