1932 Inspection 29 September                   (return)

Inspection   29th. September 1932.

Framilode Lock to the OceanChairman and H R Hooper.

Framilode Lock
The crack in pierhead should be watched.
Lower gate balance pole renewed 1929. Upper gate balance pole renewed 1930.
Gates in fair state.
Stop gate was pulled up for inspection and appeared to be in order.
The swing bridge repaired in 1931.
Warehouse cracks are getting worse.
Two cottages let to Byard and Wathen appear in good condition.
Mr. Sims the owner of cottages in Canal Road, Framilode wants permission to fix pipes to take surface water from roof.
The dipping hole above Sims cottages and below Ship Inn wants filling up with big stones.

Framilode Pound
Mr. Cook met the Committee and explained the state of the Canal and how it interfered with his boats and it seems essential that the weeding from the Junction to Saul Bridge should be taken in hand at the earliest possible moment.
The bank by the Junction Inn on the off side has been damaged by water rats, etc. and there are leaks in the garden. The Bank needs stiffening.

Saul Bridge
Nose plank recently repaired.

Walk Bridge
Iron work needs one coat of paint.

Shallow Lock Bridge
Woodwork wants painting.

Shallow Lock
Bottom gate balance pole at the head end is practically rotten.
Slam gate on the towing path at Aqueduct needs seeing to.
The falling post appears to have gone entirely.
Backwater is damaging the Bank behind piles and needs filling up. A little further up there is a hole in the towing path which needs filling up.

Stonepits Bridge
Some bricks have been pulled out in the coping stone of one of the walls. Wants some new bricks and cement pointing in several places and there is a bad crack on the north wing wall of the off side.
Windmill working. Mr. Grey Robinson’s pump was apparently working. Has the pipe been stopped.

Bristol Road Lock
No comments.
Spiers complains that the County Council’s surface drain had been so arranged that in heavy rain it flooded his wharf completely and he was recommended to communicate with the County Council’s Surveyor.

Bengough Accomodation Bridge (Hyde Bridge)
Bad crack in south wing wall at near side.

Coffin Weir
Complaints having been recived that the carrier where it crosses the rean was leaking badly. This was inspected and as there was very little water in the rean it was obvious that the leak was bad and required immediate attention.

Westfield Slam Gate
Requires two bottom spars.

Westfield Bridge
No comments

Westfield Lock
No comments.

Dock LockDock House
No comments.                 No comments.

Pike Lock
Condition good.

Blunder LockNewtown Lock
No complaintsNo complaints

Roving Bridge
No complaints
Towing path close to Bond’s Mill is sinking and should be watched.

The Canal is in need of weeding and no traffic was observed.