1932 Inspection                   (return)

Inspection from the Ocean, Stonehouse to Wallbridge, Stroud.
September 28th. 1932

Present:-  G A Evans and R J C Little.

Ocean Swing Bridge
Several roughing boards require replacing. Rails require painting shortly (last done 4 years ago) Gate on to towing path – post requires attention.

Nutshell Bridge
Pointing required particularly near coping on west side. Ivy should be cut on east side. Gate on tow path on east side requires pale (sic)
Pound between Nutshell Bridge and Stonehouse Brick Bridge
Still the worst part of the canal. Requires dredging badly. Last done in 1879.

Stable (formerly Penn)
Still a hole in the roof, and tiles along the verge in a bad way. This was put right only recently but is as bad as ever again.

Cottage (let to Ward) and Weighbridge and Stable
Tenant complained of the wet getting in a bit, but the roof appeared to be in good order – probably the lay of the tiles.
Rent of cottage and yard seems rather low.
Porch and windows require painting.

Stonehouse Cross Bridge
Some pointing required. Surface of crown of bridge requires attention.

Wall between Bridge and L M S Gate
Several toppers missing (but this has been so for years).

Bank opposite Wycliffe Bathing Pool
Requires building up.

Willows adjoining Wyclife Garden
Requre cutting back.

Bank near Ryeford Cottages
Requires building up.

Brunsdons Yard
Has he built up this bank to include more than he is entitled to? This being a turning spot.
Brunsdon’s yard is worth £5 rent.

Ryeford Bridge
Towpath under bridge requires attention. Large stone to be replaced.

Ryeford Saw Mills
Weeds very bad. (This is having attention).

Ryeford Footbridge
Painting badly needed.

Double Lock
Still leaks rather badly at heel.
New balance pole to bottom gate completed and apparently satisfactory.
Upper gate balance pole in a bad state.
Witheys nearby reqire cutting.

Hooper’s Saw Mills
Dredging badly needed

Oil Mills Bridge
Gate on towpath needs repairs.

Hilly Orchard
Gate – top rail requires repair at once. Bridge requires painting.
Dudbridge Wharf
Warehouse – slates on foor require attention. New rafters required and new door.
Could not this wharf be advertised? Should be invaluable for Shell Transport or some such Company.

Cottage (J Perks)
Ceiling of W C requires plastering.

Dudbridge Lock
Upper gate – southern balance pole in poor condition

Gas House Bridge
One beam gone on Stroud side.

Strachan’s Bridge (Lodgemore)
Coat of paint required

Wallbridge Wharf
House – bridge requires painting.
Could not the western end of this wharf, beyond the wharf house bridge be made use of for parking?