1929 Inspection                   (return)

Report on the Inspection of the canal from the Ocean, Stonehouse, to Wallbridge, Stroud,
Made by Mr. Bloxam and Major Caruthers-Little on 8th. November 1929.

Ocean Swing Roller Bridge
Condition fair, but the condition of the decking should be carefully watched.

Nutshell Bridge
The west wall needs repointing in places.
The east wall is fair.

Long Pound
The whole of this pound needs dredging as usual.

Stonehouse Wharf and buildings
The roof of the lean to attached to the stable let to Mrs.Penn has a large hole which should be attended to. Mrs. Penn is in arrear with her rent.
The County Council are encroaching somewhat beyond their boundary.

Stonehouse Brick Bridge
East wall requires some repointing.

Swing Bridge at Stonehouse Upper Mills
The iron work on the Towing path side has been damaged but it was reported that Messrs. Vowles had undertaken to repair it.

Towing path
Just above this Bridge is in bad condition, many holes which should be filled up with ashes.

Railway Bridge
Damage has again been caused to the Towing path by water dripping from this Bridge and it needs some ashes.
The hedge on the Tow path side near the Canal Cottage, Ryeford, wants cutting back as Ivy is overhanging badly.

Ryeford Bridge
Water is coming through the arch of this bridge near the off side and it is difficult to account for this, unless there is a leak in the Water Company’s pipe attached to it.
A tree near the north east pier on the off side of this Bridge is too near the wall and the roots may cause damage.

At the Ryeford Saw Mills
There is a fresh hole in Towing path just behind the cement coping which needs attention at once, and the path just here is generally ?hard? And should be seen to.

Double Lock, Ryeford
The leak caused by defect in the heel of the post on off side of bottom gates, is bad and should be seen to when occasion occurs of emptying this pound.
The balance poles of the middle gate need retarring.
The balance pole of top gate on Towing path side needs watching and a new foot board is required.

Cottage at Double Lock
Fence in front needs painting.
Cement verge of back slope of roof needs repair.
Guttering on lean-to also defective and wet getting into brick work.

Oil Mills Bridge
Pier of south west wing wall needs repair, brick out.
A small ash tree in the grounds of Ebley Orphanage is hanging over the Canal and this should be cut down.

Ebley Swing Bridge
This Bridge is not the property of the Navigation but boatmen complain that it is difficult to open. It certaily sticks to some extent, but not very seriously.

Ebley Weir
The piling should be pulled back to prevent possible damage to the wings.

Hilly Orchard Footbridge
Condition satisfactory.

Dudbridge Bridge
Water is leaking through the arch of this bridge, but it is impossible to tell whether this is due to the fact that the road is in course of reconstruction and rain water therefore gets in instead of running off, or to a leak in the Water Company’s pipe which goes across under the roadway. This should be watched.

2 Cottages above the Bridge at Dudbridge
New guttering is wanted for one cottage  (possibly mean below the Bridge)

Dudbridge Lower Lock
Nothing needed at present.

Dudbridge Upper Lock
Nothing needed at present.

Wallbridge Pound
Very shallow – needs dredging.

Wallbridge Wharf
Hopson is again encroaching beyond his boundary.

Double gates
To the wharf are very dilapidated.

Canal House
Mr. Snape reports ceiling of attic is falling. Not inspected yet.