1924 Inspection                   (return)

Stroudwater Navigation  Directors’ Inspections

Inspection on June 25th. 1924.     Framilode to the Ocean

Present:-   Major  Little, J. Margetson, (Mr. Snape in attendance)

Framilode Lock   
Balance pole towing path side and bottom gates in bad state. Very little traffic (in) lock.
1)Pockett has to get assistance of extra man,(one of our own men) at high tides.
2)A very high tide might break lock if extra man was not on the spot.
3)Cannot be patched.
4)Cost £14.
5)Extra man, cost nil.
      Pockett reports that bicycle riding on towing path much on increase. Notices are posted.
      Berkeley Canal issues licences, 1/- pa. Worth consideration.
      In basin by lock there are at present time two stationary trade vessels, been there a
       considerable time, no charge being made. Berkeley canal charge is 1d per ton on 20 tons
       after one month.

Framilode Swing Bridge
Running to a cul-de-sac. Centre beams require renewing. The only traffic appears to be one passenger lorry to cottages, weight 25cwt. Plus about 8-10 passengers. Joy ride from Stroud.
Before anything is done to bridge, some investigation of this traffic should take place.

Framilode Pound
Very bad. Must be seen to this year, if vessels are to pass.

Saul Bridge
Traffic of all descriptions. Top decking bad. Should go for a further 12 months.

Junction Inn
Mrs. Long, tenant of Stroud Brewery complains of leak from canal into garden. Mr. Snape instructed to put right.

Head of Framilode Pound
Where Glos. & Berkeley begin responsibility very bad for weeds and bank of mud. Canal reponsible should be advised.

Shallow Lock  (Whitminster lock)  Maintained by Glos. & Berkeley Canal. See last year’s report. Paddle gear put right, but mitres on upper gates still untouched.

Whitminster Pound
Must be weeded this year.

Bristol Road Bridge
Widening of this bridge by C.C.  (County Council) will necessitate reinstating tow path gate several yards further than present position, and building up of path. Mr. Snape should keep a vigilant eye on this work. The men’s steps at this bridge have very narrow treads and look dangerous.

Westfield Lock
See last report. Heel should be watched. New gates are really urgently required. Timber should be bought at once
Dock Lock, Eastington
Bottom gates 35 years, bad. Mr. Snape should report on condition in 6 months time.
Upper gates 51 years, still in fairly good condition. Sills need a certain amount of patching.

Blunder Lock
New gates made and ready for fixing. Mr. Snape to examine upper gates when doing this work.

Dry Dock, Eastington
Part of roof tiles removed. Could the bricks be sold? And the old clock?

(End of Inspection)

Attached to the report in the archive is a letter dated 12/7/29 to Mr. Margetson

Dear Mr Margetson,

Thankyou for the report of Inspection of the canal (from Framilode to Ocean) on 25th. ult.

The only note of misfortune (?) which I made to which you have not included in the report is with ref. to the Pike bridge and the necessity for keeping an eye on the CC to see that they do not take a big corner off our yard near where we gave them the stable. I think you agreed that this was important.

What struck me most in the inspection was the need for weeding the Framilode Pound, the bank of weed at the head of Framilode Pound and the desirability of stopping the lorries from crossing the Framilode Swing Bridge which I believe they only do in order to turn round. (all these points you have included in the report?

Yours sincerely,
R J C L    (Major Little)