1923 Inspection 13 June                   (return)

Ocean to Wallbridge

H R Hooper
Canal Inspection June 13th. 1923
W R Bloxam

Ocean Bridge
Bank on Court Farm side broken away here – due to watering of pigs. Farmer should be written to. Iron work of this bridge needs painting, when similar work is being done at Bond’s Mill.

Long Pound
2nd. Section right away to Wallbridge – very weedy - must be done this summer.

Stonehouse Wharf
This large Wharf appears to be let to the Glos. County Council at the absurdly inadequate rent of 10/- per week. Their lorries, in some number, are parked there. Tar barrels are also stored there at present. It must be remembered that these are brought by canal – but nothing else apparently. A C Ward’s Wool Warehouse is on the road side of this Wharf. They might entertain purchasing it!

Stonehouse Cross Bridge
One of the surface road water pipes to which further reference is made later in this report, is silting up the bed at this spot.

Ryeford Wharf
Brunsdon the Haulier appears to use this wharf, about 1000sq. yards, without payment. This must be stopped. The trees in Price the nurseryman’s ground badly overhang the stream at this point. Should be written to.

Ebley Pound
Trees and bushes overhang badly on this Pound – on Ira Bassett’s land – Willows opposite Barnard’s House (Bridge House?) want cutting, and the trees on the old Gyde property will want attention next year.

Old Bridge
Unused. Known as Gyde Old Bridge ? Property of Smith, Rogers & Co. – suggest making an offer to buy. Ironwork would be useful, at any price.

Dudbridge Wharf
Here again the County Council appear to park Steam-rollers etc, and stone,without payment. Reference should be made to letter written Feb. 28 and April 26 to Mr.Larque. Here, too, are to be found 2 marine boilers, property of Messrs. Abdela, for which no charge is made.

Dudbridge Top Lock
Paddle outside bank will need attention next year.
Gas Works Bridge
Ironwork should be painted.

At Lodgemore a barge conveying 57 tons was encountered – going very slow – or as the Captain of the barge put it, doing less with 3 donkeys than he did with 2 before the War – Barge obviously very near the bottom. Also complained of the silting up of the whole canal from the Bristol Road Lock, and especially of the barrage of mud across the stream at places where the surface water from the roads runs into it. Mr. Snape states that at one time the County Council took its share of the expense of dredging, but not of recent years. Your Committee of inspection considers this question to be of the utmost importance.

1.Steps should at once be taken to remove, or lessen the menace of thse barrages.
2.The attention of the County Council should be immediately drawn to the trouble.

Our man after dealing with this mud barrage should weed the whole length of the Canal, which ought to be completed by September, when real mudding might be undertaken