1923 Inspection May 24th                   (return)

Inspection on May 24th 1923

Framilode Lock to the Ocean.      H R Hooper.
W R Bloxam.

Framilode Lock
Bulge in wall at entrance from the Severn mentioned in last report, no change.
Lower Gates are bad, considerable amount of leakage.
Upper Gates (1900) in fair condition.
Traffic through the lock, one cargo a month only.

Lock House
Span roof of outbuilding requires plastering, and should be done at once.

Taylor’s Cottage
Chimney pot requires immediate attention.

Mentioned in last (1918) report, still unlet, renewed efforts should be made to secure a tenant, and Pocket was told that if one was obtained through his efforts, Committee would probably show its appreciation in the usual way.

Framilode Pound & Lock
No money should be spent. Traffic practically nil. Pocket 30/- per week and a cottage, good useful man, but nothing much to do, except to attend to lock when the tide necessitates. Some work should be found for this man in upper section of the canal. His utility is being wasted, and it is a question if his wage is being earned.
A man riding a bicycle on towpath, and thoroughly at home, was met on this reach. Seemed to look upon the infraction of the rule as of no consequence. The question of issuing ‘permits’ is worth consideration.

Walk Bridge
Towing path gate and guard rail of Bridge need repair. There seems to be some doubt as to the Body responsible. The canal at this section, according to Act of Parliament, has to be maintained by the Gloster and Berkeley Canal Co.
What about towpaths and bridges?  Is it the job of the G&B Canal?

Whitminster Pound
Wants cleaning but question the wisdom of insistence on this until the account with this Company in connection with work at Bristol Road lock is settled.

Shallow Lock
(maintained by Gloster & Bristol (sic) canal.) Mitres on upper gates are very bad, also paddle gearing same gates.

Bristol Road Pound
Shallow Lock to Bristol Road Lock. In good condition.

Stonepits Bridge
(occupation only) is in bad repair. The coign stone dangerous condition. Should be attended to. Upper end of Pound at this section under repair, towing path fallen away through use by cattle, being repaired.

Eastington Pound
(From Bristol Road Lock to Westfield Lock)
Badly silted, whole reach needs weeding and mudding. At this reach Ward & Co’s motor boat Alfreda of notorious memory, passed us, one man on board, one on towpath, Boat travelling well over 5 miles per hour, and making lot of wash. Stem down over 18”. She was towing the barge “Dorothy”. Question if speed of these motor barges can be limited.

Coffin Weir
A plank has been fixed across this weir to raise level of canal. This would not be required if reach were properly dredged.

Westfield Lock
Heel post split (gates dated 1896), serious, but should last for a time, unless run into.
The Committee should discuss and make provision for new gates. Upper gates, mitres bad, but should last some time.

Dock Lock, Eastington.
34 years old, lower gates on towpath side, badly split in heel, should be re-examined next year. Upper gates will need attention next year, but should last for a time unless run into.

Dry Dock
Roof, stone tiles. As Dock is now never used, question of selling roof tiles worth considering.

Dock House
Chimney pot needs attention at once.

Eastington Pike Lock
38 years old. In bad condition. New gates urgently wanted. If possible upper gates mitres should be attended to, when lower gates are renewed.
The trees on Mr. Bush’s property (Eastington Park), alluded to in 1918 report as requiring lopping, still untouched.

Blunder Lock
Is in bad state, both mitres in lower gates are broken and much patched, and both heels in bad condition. Upper gates bad, but better than the lower.

Newtown Pound
Very muddy.

Newtown Lock
Topgates middling condition, fixed 1876. Should last some time. Bottom gates fixed 1907. Ground paddle of the top gate on towpath side here is bad. Stop planks should be purchased (?price) to dam canal near gates,and thus obviate emptying the long pound. Might have to be done at any moment.
At this point, Davis Cottage, there is a small piece of land, the property of Canal, but of no practical use, either now or in the future, might be sold. Wall is in bad state.

The Long Pound
From Newtown to Ryeford, very muddy and full of weeds, needs attention as bad as any part of canal between Severn and Ocean.

Bond’s Mill Swing Bridge
Should be painted this year.


Severn to Bristol Rd. Lock
Nothing this year.

Eastington Pound and Long Pound
Should be weeded this year.

Eastington Pike Lock
New Gates, urgent

Blunder Lock
New gates next year.

Dock Lock
New gates next year.

Shallow Lock
Mitres and Gearing paddle this year.

Stonepits Bridge
Coign stone, cement at once.
The portion of canal under review wants, in some cases urgently, more money spent upon it than the Navigation has at its command. It is obvious that from 1916 to 1922, work that would have been undertaken in normal times, was not done, owing to the war, and the money paid in dividends during that period would have been better funded, to meet the inevitable accumulation of necessary work which now faces the Company.