1920 Inspection                  (return)

The Stroudwater Navigation Company

(An account dated c. 1920)

Canal Dredging
It is over 40 years since any systematic dredging was done.
Messrs. Bomford & Evershed Ltd. of Evesham have sent in an estimate but they state that they can only roughly estimate the amount of work to be done which they put at 60,000 cubic yards of mud to be removed and that they consider the cost to be about 3/3d per cubic yards = £9,750.

Within the next three yars the following work should be done and has been noted by the inspection Committee at several inspections, viz:-
  New Swing Bridge at     Lodgemore
        Ditto                          Bond’s Mill
        Ditto                          Whitminster
New pair of bottom gates at Blunder Lock, and the new pair of middle gates at Double Lock Ryeford should be fixed, this work should be put in hand, will cost about £1,188.0.9d
The Lock Gates, paddles, etc. of all the (15) (should be 13)locks need repairs, for which it is difficult to estimate – say £20:- a lock =£280. And new gates will have to be put in at Newtown Lock, Pike Lock, Dock Lock @ £702.  Total £2170.

There are nine Swing Bridges, eleven Brick Bridges and thirteen Locks with two pairs of gates to each lock and a double lock with three pairs of gates.

Water Supply
Is free -         1st. From the Painswick Stream
        2nd. River Stroudwater (Frome) and has been sufficient.

Railway Rate
From Staffordshire to Stroud is about 8/4 per ton including truck hire.

Canal Rate
From the same place works out at about 12/6 per ton including boat hire.

Workmens wages
Tradesmen £2.19.0, Tidesman £1.16.0. other men £2.11.0 per week.
At the present rate of pay a year’s wages of the men now employed by the Company amount to about £1.908.8.0. per annum.

The Tolls are fixed under the maximum Tolls & Charges Confirmation Order Acts 1893-1894 as follows:-
    All classes of goods 1¼d per ton per mile.               Wharfage charges:-
      Classes A.B.   1½ per ton.         Classes C and I – 3d. per ton.
     Classes 2 to 5 – 4d per ton.
The Tolls now in operation are about ¼d. per ton per mile under the maximum.
The total amount of tolls received by way of tonnage and wharfage is not sufficent to maintain the Canal.

The Canal is a barge Canal 7 7/8ths. miles in length and extends from the town of Stroud to Framilode on the River Severn, crossing the Gloucester and Berkeley Ship Canal at Saul Junction on a level.
The smallest lock between Saul Junction and Wallbridge is the Dock Lock at Eastungton which is 72ft 1”  x 16ft.2”.
Least water on cill is at the Double Locks Ryeford which is 5ft.2”.
The Tidal Lock at Framilode is the smallest lock on the canal – 71ft. 9” x 15ft.9” x 5ft.6” of water on cill.

The Company are not carriers – simply toll receivers.    (this written in longhand)

Tolls and Charges

Canal Rates, Tolls and Charges Order Confirmation Acts.   1893 and 1894.

Stroudwater Canal rates fixed at 1¼d  per ton per mile.

1¼d.plus 204%=a boat 4d per ton per mile
    See Mr. Dudbridge’s statement

8 miles.  The rate. Framilode to Wallbridge would be 2/8 per ton.

7 miles. The rate. Gloucester & Berkeley Canal to Wallbridge would be 2/4 per ton

The present rate is 8d. per ton.

Through rate to Thames & Severn Canal is 8½d. per ton