1917 Inspection                   (return)

Annual Inspection of the Canal fom Framilode to Eastington

Report of the Committee

Your Committee inspected the Canal from Framilode to Eastington on Monday the 2nd. of July 1917, accompanied by the Clerk Mr. P G Snape.

The piers and walls are in good order. Some slight repairs are necessary to the bottom gates of the Tidal Lock, and to the facing planks of the top gates. The basin and also the pound up to Saul Junction require dredging.The stopgate has been repaired and should last some years yet.
Harris has not yet cultivated the small paddock adjoining thewarehouse, owing, it is understood, to ill-health. The warehouse still remains unlet. The under-carriage of the Bridge has been repaired recently. The roofs of the cottages occupied by Mrs. Pockett and Harris respectively have also been repaired recently, and the outside wood and iron work of both cottages will be painted shortly. The roof of the room formerly a wash-house in Mrs. Pockett’s cottage is still not watertight at certain times; also the rough-cast has worn off the walls in parts. Mrs. Taylor’s cottage has been papered, and a new kitchen grate has been put in there.

Saul Bridge
Wheel planks and roughing boards have been recently put in and the condition is satisfactory. A little painting might be done next year. The towing path just above Saul Bridge needs repairing in two places. There is an old canal boat against the bank just below Junction Lock in an apparently derelict condition, which ought not to remain there indefinitely.

Junction Lock
The mitres and bars of the bottom gates still require some repairs, and there is a somewhat large leak in the planking of the outside bottom gate. The Sharpness New Docks Company is responsible for these matters. Between here and Shallow Lock the Canal is less weedy.

Walk Bridge (Whitminster)
This swing-bridge can probably go on for another year. The king-post has had some slight repairs done to it recently.

Shallow Lock Bridge (Whitminster)
Two facing planks in the top gates of Shallow Lock are missing. The Sharpness New Docks Company is responsible for repairs there. The pound from there to Eastington needs weeding in varying degrees.

Bristol Road Bridge
The wall on the lower side has been recently repaired. The lock gates are still leaking somewhat badly at the bottom, but there is no lack of water here.

Coffin Weir
The bank of the watercourse has been recently repaired.

Westfield Lock
The iron of the mitre of one of the bottom gates was renewed soon after the last annual
inspection and is in order. There is a small leak at the heel of the outside bottom gates. The mitres of the top gates and also the facing planks have been recently repaired. The weeds referred to above appear to be worst from this lock up to Eastington.

Dock Lock
The bottom gates still require replanking and are leaky. It is intended to patch them up when the Company’s carpenter is next up that way. The balance pole has been repaired and the mitre of one of the top gates has been renewed recently.

Your Committee inspected the Dry Dock. One of the Company’s punts was in it for repairs. Over half the rough cast on the upper side of the pine end of the Dock building has worn off, and the wooden lathing exposed is rotting in parts. Your Committee also inspected the Company’s Icebreaking boat, which is leaky and will have to be repaired before next winter: also the carpenter’s shop and blacksmith’s shop, finding them in a satisfactory condition.

General Observations
Subject to the foregoing observations, the Canal waterway, banks, towing paths, and other property are generally in good order.

Signed.           F S Whittingham.