1915 Inspection                   (return)

Annual Inspection of the Canal from Framilode to Eastington    

Report of the Committee

Your Committee inspected the Canal from Framilode to Eastington on Tuesday the 6th. July 1915, accompanied by Mr. Percy Snape.

The piers and walls are in good order. The head of the srop-gate wants seeing to, and so does part of the lean-to roof of Harris’ cottage used as a Post Office.The pound requires dredging, although traffic is not materially impeded.
The cottage occupied by Mrs. Pockett has a defective chimney pot, which your Committee ordered should be seen to at once, as it was apparently dangerous. The roofs, including the wooden roof on the coal-shed, should be seen to and made watertight, and the outside doors and window-sills should be painted. Mrs. Pockett asked that the window on the ground floor at the pine end of the house should be enlarged (if it is considered that Mrs. Pockett asks too much, this item might be left out) and that the ceiling of the kitchen should be papered or whitewashed. A new bedroom window is wanted in Mrs. Taylor’s cottage adjoining. This was ordered some time ago but has never been done, owing to the illness of the man to whom the work was given.
Your Committee inspected the warehouse (originally a school) which is still unlet. It is, however, used by Harris, the Tidesman as the Company’s workshop. The upper floor is rather out of repair, but apparently not dangerous. The lower floor is used for Mr. Sibley’s boat. Your Committee think that the upper floor might be let if it was more generally known that it was in the market.
Your Committee inspected the new fence put up by the Company on their land, such fence running at right-angles to the bank of the River Severn, and found it satisfactory. Your Committee learnt that one Frank Broucher has built a house worth about £250 on land adjoining the Company’s land and purports to claim (he has not yet made such claim direct) a right of way over the land so fenced in by the Company.

Saul Bridge
The iron-work of the new swing bridge put up by the Company in 1913 requires painting. Weeding is necussary and should be undertaken after the salmon season, as is usual, and the banks require cleaning. It is suggested that Harris might do this work, and also any weeding not too far from Framilode, in his spare time, or by arrangement overtime. If not, an oldish man might be employed economically.

Junction Lock
There is a leak in the planking of the outside gate of the bottom gates, for which the Berkeley Canal is responsible. The stopgates are worked once a fortnight by the Berkeley Canal to see that they are in order.

Walk Bridge (Whitminster)
This swing bridge might be carefully inspected as regards repairs next year; at present it will do. The wood and iron-work require painting.

Shallow Lock Bridge (Whitminster)
The iron-work of the new swing bridge put up by the Company in 1911 requires painting. Weeding is wanted badly, and some repairs to the banks are necessary. The lock itself is in order, the Berkeley Canal being responsible for it.

Bristol Road Bridge
The lock is leaking badly at the bottom and, although water is plentiful, it should perhaps be attended to. The Canal is very weedy on the Wallbridge side for some way up.

Coffin Weir
Weeding is badly wanted near this weir.

Dock Lock
The mitres of the top gate of this lock want seeing to.

Your Committee examined the blacksmith’s and carpenter’s shops and found them satisfactory. The Mud-flat is in dry dock undergoing repairs. The barge board in the roof of the Dock House wants filling up with cement.

General Observations The canal bank and towing paths are generally in good order.                  Signed  J. Margetson, F S Whittingham              13th. July 1915.