1912 Inspection                   (return)

Annual Inspection of the Canal from Eastington Bridge to Wallbridge Wharf

Your Committee inspected the Canal from Eastington Bridge to Wallbridge Wharf on Monday the 13th. May 1912, accompanied by Mr. Snape.

Eastington Bridge
The balance pole on the inside requires to have the decayed wood underneath cut away, and to be tarred.

New Town Ditch (Eastington)
Sewage still flowing in from Mr. Truscott’s house. This should be attended to.

Bond’s Mill Swing Bridge
Raised part of floor of bridge requires levelling. Repairs about to be done to the King post (one new King post)

Mud-Tip at Stonehouse
The dredger was at work, four men being employed. Some large stones were taken out of the Canal by them at Ryeford.
Houseboat belonging to Company inspected, and is now in good repair.

Towing Path Opposite Stonehouse Court
Requires to be repaired in two or three places.

Stonehouse Swing Bridge
In very good repair now, the planking being of oak.

The Stonehouse Brush Company
Its railings want repairing.

Dr. Perkins’ Property at Ryeford.
Place inspected; it evidently wants seeing to.  A tree too, is nearly falling into the Canal.

Ryeford Wharf
Timber wagons, timber and other things belonging to Messrs.Brunsdon are on the Company’s Wharf still, although they have objected to pay and have promised to remove everything.

Double Locks, Ryeford.
New gate-post required. Stone on far side of top gates requires to be renewed.

Oil Mills Bridge
A few bricks are needed on the towing path side nearest to Wallbridge; also a hole in towing path wants seeing to.
S S Marling
Dudbridge Wharf
Stable, office and store-room still unlet. The gib of the Company’s crane will have to be renewed before long.

Dudbridge Lock
New back board wanted on outside top gate of top lock.

Wallbridge Wharf and Company’s Property there

Canal banks, bridges, gates, towing paths etc. (except where otherwise mentioned) were found in good order.

Ferdinand S. Whittingham.


One pair of lock-gates (Ryeford) have to be replaced. It was explained that these were already prepared & would be placed in position as soon as possible.