1910 Inspection                   (return)

Annual Inspection of the Canal from Eastington Bridge to Wallbridge Wharf

Your Committee inspected the Canal from Eastington Bridge to Wallbridge Wharf on  Monday 27th. June 1910, accompanied by Mr. Percy Snape.

Eastington Bridge
This bridge is in good repair. The ends of the balance poles up to New Town Lock (sic) have been painted white & the other parts of such poles tarred quite recently.The palings round the lock-keeper’s house are, your Committee were informed, also about to be painted white.

New Town Lock
A leakage in the coping stones was in course of being repaired with concrete & cement, and would, your Committee were informed, be completed that day.

Roving Bridge
In good repair.

Bond’s Mill Swing Bridge
In good repair.

Mud-Tip at Stonehouse
Your Committee inspected the mud-tip at Stonehouse adjoining the land of the Midland Railway Company. If the arrangement proposed to be entered into with the Midland Railway Company be carried out, the culvert will have to be extended to within a few yards of the brook, as mud would in that case be deposited on a considerable part of the ground over which the stream now flows after leaving the culvert. Your Committee understand that the Midland Railway Co. have suggested extending the culvert for 30 yards.

Midland Railway Bridge, Stonehouse
This bridge, which belongs to theMidland Railway Co. is in good repair.

Ocean, Stonehouse
Quite in order. Your Committee noticed a line of pipe which stuck out of the ground of Stonehouse Court Farm, tenanted by Mr. Chandler, within a few feet of the towing-path, the other end of the pipe coming above ground further away from the Company’s property and ending in a pigstye. If this pipe is ever used for conducting water from the Canal to the Farm, Mr. Chandler should of course pay for the privilege, but your Committee do not know if the pipe has been so used.

Ocean Swing Bridge
Your Committee were informed that this bridge is about to be renewed, the timber being in stock and paid for. The present bridge was erected 25 years ago.

Nutshell Bridge,Stonehouse
In good repair. The drain from which silt recently came into the Canal is at this spot and was inspected. Your Committee also inspected the Company’s property adjoining this Bridge, including Wharf House occupied by Mrs. Penn, who asked for a new kitchen grate. The present grate appears to be past repair. Your Committee understand, however, that Mrs. Penn is only a subtenant of the Company’s lessees Messrs. Dickinson & Cox, in which case the latter and not the Company are her landlords. Since the last inspection the Midland railway Company have erected entrance gates on the Company’s Wharf.  (Stonehouse Wharf).

Stonehouse Swing Bridge
In fair repair.
Nailsworth Branch Bridge
Belongs to the Midland Railway Company and is in good repair.

Messrs. Marling & Co. Ltd’s Wall
This wall below the coal-pen at Ryeford is in the same condition as at the time of the previous annual inspection (see Report thereon), but a heap of stones at one end of it may be for the purpose of repairs.

Ryeford Road Bridge
Extensive repairs to this bridge have been carried out since the previous annual inspection. Part of this Bridge belongs to the Gloucestershire County Council owing to their having widened the road.

Ryeford Wharf
The Boundary stones are not apparent there now. This should be attended to.

Ryeford Saw Mills
Two of the mooring rings stand up too much from the towing-path and should be put right by Mr. John Wibby, the present owner of the Mills.

Ryeford Footbridge
This wooden Bridge is about to be renewed, the materials being in hand and paid for. The wooden fence on the South side of the path east of this bridge is out of repairin part, but your Committee do not know whose fence it is.The Boundary stones between this Bridge and theDouble Locks cottage are not visible, probably being overgrown with weeds. They should be located. Have the occupiers of the cottages near this Bridge liberty to use the towing path  to get to their allotments? This point should be looked into.

Double Locks Ryeford
The balance poles have been painted and tarred as at Eastington. The Upper gates are about to be renewed, the materials being in hand and paid for and the work partly carried out.

Ebley Mills Swing Bridge
This Bridge, which belongs to Messrs. Marling & Co. Ltd. is somewhat out of repair. Yout Committee were informed that the Bridge is rather dangerous to loaded barges, though not to unloaded ones, which pass it.

Hilly Orchard Footbridge
Your Committee were informed that this Bridge was made and erected entirely by the Company’s own men, and the work appears to have been carried outvery satisfactorily. The Bridge was recently painted with two coats of paint.

Dudbridge Wharf
The stable office and store-room on this Wharf are still unlet. A notice as to angling in the Canal is posted up here. The small piece of land recently sold to Messrs. Apperly Curtis & Co. Ltd. was inspected. The latter Company is in course of erecting a wall there.

Dudbridge Main Road Bridge
In good repair as regards our part. A small defect requires remedying in the part of this Bridge which belongs to the Gloucestershire County Council.

Dudbridge Lock
The balance poles have been painted and tarred as at Eastington. The sanitary work to the houses at this Lock has apparently been satisfactorily completed.

Gas House Swing Bridge
This bridge needs some repairs. Your Committee understand that the gas Company is liable for half the cost of repairs & renovations, though the Bridge belongs entirely to your Company.

Lodgemore Swing Bridge
In good repair. The paddles and culvert just above this bridge appear to be in order.

Wallbridge Wharf & Company’s Property There
Inspected and found satisfactory.

On several bridges (eg. Eastington and Ryeford Road  Bridges) the new diamond-shaped paper notices as to motor cars are ton and require to be renewed. The canal banks & towing-paths were found to be in good order generally.

Wm. Davies
Ferdinand? S. Whittingham.