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Annual Inspection of the Canal from Framilode to Eastington

Your Committee inspected the Canal on Thursday 25th. June 1908, accompanied by the Clerk, Mr. W.J.Snape.

The piers and walls at Framilode were inspected and found to be in good order.The iron stays put in about 18 years ago have kept the main wall of the North Pier, which was formerly in danger of falling into the River Severn,in a satisfactory state. It appears that the highest tide at framilode probably occurred in the year 1899. The mark up to which it then came has not yet been placed either on the loggerhead or the tidal gauge near thereto, and your Committee recommend that it should be marked on both. Framilode swing bridge was examined and it appears that about six new planks are required in order to repair it. The stop-gate was raised just above the water and was in good condition.

Saul Bridge
This bridge has, your committee were informed, been recently repaired. At some future date a new bridge will probably be necessary, as it is beginning to show signs of decay; but there appears to be no present necessity for a new one.

Junction Lock
This lock and the two swing bridges, all of which are reparable by the Sharpness New Docks Company and Gloucester &  Birmingham  Navigation, were found to be in good condition.

Walk Bridge (Whitminster)
This bridge was found to be in good order.

Shallow Lock Bridge
This bridge was patched up about two years ago and was found to be in good working order. Probably before very long a new bridge will be necessary, but the present one may last for another two or three years.

Stonepits Bridge
This bridge also repaired about two years ago and was found to be in good order.

Mr. Gray Robinson’s Bridge (Occupation Bridge)
This bridge, which your Committee were informed is reparable by Mr. Robinson, was found to be in good order.

Bristol Road Bridge
This bridge was found to be in good order. Your Committee noticed, however, with regard to the lock that there is a leak between the heads of the lower gates, which, it is understood. could be lessened. Your Committee understand that the repair of these gates in order to stop the leak altogether would be a difficult and expensive matter, and that, as there is plenty of water, the leak is immaterial. Your Committee also inspected the two cottages near this bridge in the occupation of Mrs. Williams and Mrs.Tudor respectively. The doors of each cottage required two coats of paint, and this small matter was ordered to be attended to at once. In other respects the cottages appear to be in good repair.

Westfield Bridge
This bridge was found to be in good order.

Your Committee visited the wharf, blacksmith’s& carpenter’s shops, stores and other properties of the Company at Eastington, and their inspection was qite satisfactory, no detailed comments being called for. Everything there appeared to be tidy & well looked after. The stock comprised the whole of the materials for the new bridge which will shortly be erected at Hilly Orchard.These materials appeared to be very substantial & satisfactory for the purpose.

General Observations
The canal banks and towing –paths were found to be in good order generally.
It appears that the only properties unlet on the whole lengthof thecanal are the Warehouse at framilode formerly rented by a clubat £3 per annum, which has been vacant since Michaelmas 1896 and one of the two cottages at Framilode previously let at a rental of £6.12.0d oer annum, which has been vacant for three months. Your Committee understand the lock-keeper under Mr.Snape’s directions occupies the cottage garden rent free is not an inducement to him to find a tenant for the cottage. Mr. Snape is endeavouring to re-let these properties.
A certain amount of weeding requires to be done in parts of the canl and you Committee saw four men on the Company’s permanent staff dong some weeding at the Bristol Road part The weeds on the canal below the Junction are particularly thick
The matter of the telephone posts was fully dealt with in the report of the annual inspection made on 5th. July 1907 & does not call for fresh comment