Company of Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation

Some Notes on Employees                   (return)

Compiled by Joan Tucker
April 2007

Barnfield, Thomas    Lock keeper     Double Lock
1841. Died.  Succeeded by William Mustoe

Barns, James   Lock keeper.   Bristol Road
Minute Book 1. P.362.  Agreed to hire him @8/-per week, out of which he pays 1/- as deposit on house, up to 40/- as ‘pension’.

Bassett, Frederick  Lock keeper   Dudbridge Locks
c. 1920’s lived in tied cottage at lock-gates.
Ref. Eileen Halliday Saving Nine p. 54. He frequented Bridge Inn or Railway Inn at Dudbridge.
Used bad language to provoke a quarrel. Could be personal & sarcastic. A small man, 5th. from left in pub outing photo on page 53.

Baylis, Samuel.   First and then Second Clerk
Minute Book 2. p.74. 2.2.1788.  When Joseph Grazebrook resigned, the office of Clerk was split into two, each with separate department.
1st. Clerk was to keep company’s books, attend meetings, obey orders of at least 3 members of the Committee, attend & receive tonnage of all vessels at Dudbridge & upwards, to pay money into Treasurer’s hands every week & to give the business his constant attendance.
Baylis ofered himself & was appointed @ salary of £45 pa.  (Edward Hains was 2nd. Clerk)
p.84.   14.10.1788.  The 2 Clerks were to exchange offices & duties.
p.175.  11.9.1794.    Resolved that 2nd. Clerk should be a working man, living near the line of the canal not higher than Stonehouse because he needs to be on hand to attend on the barge masters. Mr. Hains was to give intimations of this to Baylis.
p.214.   12.4.1796. Resolved Baylis be suspended from his office
p.215.   18.4.1796.  Appointed SB. until June 7th. on condition of his paying due attention to the interests of the Co.
p.235.    10.4.1799.  Resolved that a 2nd. Clerk should reside in the house at Framilode occupied by John Pashley & to discharge the duties now made by JP & SB. The Committee’s interests call upon them to dismiss JP & SB.

Beard, Thomas    Clerk & Lock keeper at Framilode
Minute Book 2.  P.265. 26.11.1798.  William Smith indisposed  .´ . TB to receive tonnage on lower district & to fulfill duties in absence of WS.
7.6.1814. TB dismissed for fraudulently secreting sums of tonnage money.

Bullock, William George  Lock keeper  Double Lock
Letter to Snape (manager) 13.06.1907. from Charles Wm. Horwood Deane, who had altercation with Bullock at Ryeford swing bridge, when riding his bike on towpath!
Someone remarked somewhere that Bullock’s nature matched his name. A small man
Halliday Saving Nine p.54 in photo of pub outing, Bullock is 2nd. on left.
29.11.1916. Agreement re rent of Double Lock Cottage £5 pa.
He played euphonium in King’s Stanley band.

Burbage (or Burbidge), John         Clerk at Framilode
Minute Book 4. p.191.  Appointed JB of Painswick as Clerk at Framilode in place of Wm. Purcell.
1851 census.   Entry 253052.  Aged 60 born North Petherton, Som.
Wife aged 47 born Som.   Son aged 24, British teacher.   

Cottle, Joseph    Wharfinger at Dudbridge Wharf
1851 census. Aged 43 born Horsley.  Wife, Ann, aged 42   Son, John William  aged 16 born Stonehouse assists father.
30.8.1864. Reported the Queen Anne  overloaded at Dudbridge Wharf with paving stone.  Ref. Letter Book 9/2.

Critchley, Thomas    Clerk
Journal 1814. p.20.  ‘paid for the service he did the Proprietors in giving information respecting frauds committed by their servants   £10’.

Daniels, William   Canal Labourer
1844. Appointed      1880 ? Died
1851 Census. Aged 54.  Born Stroud  Wife, teenage son, 2 teenage daughters, one dau. aged 7
1857 William & Peter Daniels both working on paths Nov.30th.-Dec.5th. @3/- and 2/6d. respectively per day.
1858 Allowed 4 weeks @ ½ wages during illness. But from 23/24th. Nov. he was ice-breaking with a gang.

Driver, Nathan.  Surveyor of Canal.  Chippenham Platt
1846. Dec. 21st. Appointed, from Brimscombe. Engineer? No canal experience aged 56
1851 Census  Aged 64  born Painswick  Wife, Elizabeth aged 61, born Bisley
Has engineer’s house rent free, but he pays rates & taxes.
1864. May. See notes on coal pen.  Then he was ill and was succeeded.

Evans, Richard     Lock keeper
Minute Bk.1. Has paid 10/6d. as settled & is taken into his former employment
He will pay 1/- per week out of his salary up to 40/- as security on house.

Hains, Edward    2nd.clerk, later 1st. clerk
1788 Feb.2nd. Offered himself as 2nd. clerk (after Joseph Grazebrook) @£40pa. To attend and receive tonnage of all vessels below Dudbridge and to account to 1st.clerk every week. Also to give his constant attendance.  Min Bk 2 p.74
          Oct. 14th. p.84 The 2 clerks to exchange duties
1798 Jan.2nd.p.251  Reported his increased business since the dismissal of Baylis & Pashley. Company had made saving of £28pa. Hains could occupy new house at Wallbridge free of rent and taxes.

Hains, William   Labourer
1916. Journal p.238  Paid to him, other labourers and lock keeper £5.16

Harris, James   Tidesman and lock keeper Framilode
1911 Appointed.
1913 Ivor Gurney the poet was his lodger, & was the subject of his poem The lock-keeper.
1 915   Mentioned in annual inspection

Hawker, George     Clerk
1817 Sept 27th. Paid quarters salary £40
Appointed chief clerk @salary of £120pa. After Edward Hains his predecessor had embezzled Company money and resigned.
1821. Salary increased to £200pa.

Holder, John      Canal Watchman.   Whitminster
1891 Census. Ist entry for Whitminster. At No1 Whitminster Lane aged 51 born Slimbridge
mentioned in 1890’s as Company servant. Did he look after weir at Whitminster?

Humphries, Lionel Joseph    Middle Lypiatt  Clerk
1916, Nov. 13th. Agreement made by Chairman Philip James Evans.  Humphries was to serve as Clerk from Aug. 8th. 1916 – not to divulge Company secrets etc. Pay is 10/- per week, payable fortnightly.
He must give 14 days notice by registered letter.
Company can terminate by cause of wilful neglect or illness immediately.

Fredericks, W.       The Junction
1897 Oct. 6th. Letter from Sharpness New Docks Co. Refers to ‘our joint agent’

Jones, John.       
Lock keeper
1800, Nov 10th. Min Bk 2 p.314
Offered is services to Co. as lock keeper instead of James Share dec. On trial for 11/- perweek & house room.

Lewis, Thomas     Lock keeper  Double Lock
1780 Listed in cash book 2/1
1784   Jan 3rd.Road on towing path between Ryeford and Mr Eycott’s Mill (ie Bond’s Mill) stopped by him (re. Right of way)
         Aug. 17th Plans produced for Lewis’house at Double Lock
1798 April 9th. Resolved shed be made at east end of Lewis’house  (stable)
1801 April 13th. Lewis et al. Had wages advanced by 1/- per week
1816 Lewis’ pay reduced to 5/- per week or dismissal

Lodge, George
1784 Jan 1st.  Road on towing path stopped by him between Wallbridge & Dudbridge

Mason, Edward Wood.       Clerk   Chippenham Platt
1840  July 13th.  Appointed Clerk (Surveyor) at meeting  @ £120 pa. With house at Chippenham Platt formerly occupied by Organ, free of rent & taxes.    (MIN Bk 4 p.191)
1844 May 20th. Resigned. To be paid salary until June 24th. & money in lieu of rent and be allowed £7.10/- in addition for ¼ annual sum allowed him for rent.

Minett, Lionel           Lock keeper / lengthsman    Double Lock
1930’s Large family

Mustie, William         Lock keeper  Double Lock
1841 Appointed

Pashley,  John            Lock keeper  Framilode
1788, Feb. 2nd.  He was to collect tickets at Framilode. They had to be filed and brought to meetings when requested.(Min Bk 2 p.74)

Pavey, William           Under or 2nd. Clerk
1799,  Jan 2nd.   Offered his services as under clerk on same basis as Wm. Smith  viz. £32 pa with tenement & garden(Min Bk 2  p.267)
1801,  April 13th. Applied for increase in salary because of advanced price of provisions.  Add 8/- pa   (p.320)

Pockett, Leonard     Lock keeper, Tidesman and Lengthsman     Framilode
The last man to be employed by the Company.
Described by a neighbour as a small man with a high-pitched voice.
Collection of his fortnightly wage sheets are in Company’s archive
Wife kept Post Office in lean-to at side of house (Post box still there)
1955 Company sold to him Lock House, Warehouse and land at Framilode for £1000.

Pockett, Richard       Lock keeper & Tidesman    Framilode
1900-Appears in wages book   (D1180/2/66)
Duties included ‘attending to tides etc’
1910, Nov 25th. at 11am  died
Duties carried on by wife Fanny Pockett for the same wages until end of Feb 1911.
1911. March   Replaced by James Harris

Purcell, William    Clerk and Lock-keeper  Framilode    1814-1841
1814,   Paid month’s salary  £5    (Journal 1814)
1816,   Dec. 20th.   paid £5           (   ditto   p.80)
1834,   Jan 22nd. Surety 7& bond for him  (Min Bk 4)
1840,   May 22nd. His services to be dispensed with on Mar. 20th. next, and notice to be given
Re. Wm. Purcell   Notes supplied by David Purcell, descendant

1814   June10th. Appointed @ £65pa to be paid quarterly & he to pay £5pa for rent of house and garden
1815? House built  - when estimate was given, Framilode was part of Eastington parish. He was given money to pay tradesman’s bills for building of his house. Had to walk to Stonehouse each day to check the canal.
1821   Salary increased to £80
1833   Proposed to decrease salary to £60 but this rescinded
1841   Left Company
1865   Died in workhouse

Share, James or John or      Lock keeper
Shear, James or John
1800, Oct. 14th.  Half-Year Meeting reported Share had worked for Company 14 years & was drowned in canal short time ago while occupied in the business of the Company. Resolved ‘to take the calamitous case of his widow and 9 children into their consideration’.   (Min Bk 2 p.310/311.)
p.312. Martha Share, widow will be allowed 11/- per week
p.314. Overseer of Kinsall, Shropshire asked if Company could allow widow 8/- per week p.314
1801. April 13th. Martha Share be given 3/- per week ( p.320)

Sherwood,         Clerk (Surveyor)?
1844, June 17th. Appointed @£80pa. With house at Chippenham Platt.  (Min Bk 4 p.322)
1846, Nov. 16th.  Advert to be put out for Surveyor @ £70pa in place of Mr. Sherwood. (Min Bk 5, p.1)

Smith, William     Second or under-Clerk     Newent
1797, June 12th.  Meeting at Wallbridge, Smith offered his service as Under Clerk @8/- per quarter. (Min Bk 2 p.243)
1798, Nov. 21st.   WS indisposed & incapable of fulfilling his duties. Thos. Beard to fulfill duties in his absence.  (p.265)
1799, Jan 2nd.      Smith dismissed as from March 1st. (p.267)

Snape, Percy George      Clerk & Surveyor.
1916, Oct.18th.  Agreement reported made between  Chairman of CPOS, Philip James Evans, Esq. & PGS. From Aug. 5th 1916 PGS shall serve as Clerk & Surveyor ‘and shall not divulge any secrets or dealings relating thereto’. Salary £78pa to be paid at Quarter Days.  He shall occupy Canal House at No. 13 Wallbridge and the garden & land now occupied by him.
Termination 3 months by registered letter. If he wilfully neglects or is ill or unable to work – salary is suspended after 3 months.
Died 1954.   He was son of WJ Snape.

Snape, William James   Clerk & Surveyor.
Lived at 13, Wallbridge.    Father of Percy George Snape

White, John       Lock keeper     Pike Lock
Lived at Pike Lock house.   Known by FW Robotham
Michael Handford has some photos of him  c.1900– reproduced on Pike Lock website.