Barges         (From the Tonnage Books 1881)

Vessel Owner Master Trips Summary of Cargoes From and To
Alice Wood, J Lewis, C 1 33t wheat from Sharpness to Cirencester
Annie Knee, H J Merchant, A 11 General goods from Bristol and 63t coal from Bullo/Lydney to Stroud valley
Annie Maria Pearce, T H Bennett, F 11 68-75t roadstone/coal from Bristol/Lydney/Bullo to Stroud/Cirencester
Avon Clark, J Wright, G 2 75t roadstone/coal from Bristol/Cardiff to Gloucester/Stroud
Betsey Rowles, S Dee, J or Hunt A 2 65t roadstone from Chepstow to Stroudwater
Betsey Wood, S Wood, S 3 55t coal from Bullo to Gloucester
Caroline Ford Bros Powell, J 4 60t wheat from Bristol to Ryeford & return with flour
Ceres Butt & Skurray Powell, G 21 70t coal from Bullo/Lydney, 60t corn Sharpness/Gloucester to Lodgemore
Diana Rowles, S Various 4 30t roadstone along Stroudwater
Dove Stephens, E & Co Trigg, W 1 59t coal from Lydney to Staffords Mill
Effort Field, A Field, H 4 65t roadstone from Bristol to Stonehouse
Elsie Ayliffe, J Sims, J 14 49t coal from Bullo to Saul Bridge
Emily Ford Bros Clark, E 12 50t wheat from Sharpness/Gloucester to Ryeford
Endeavour Webb, J Davies, W 6 50t coal from Lydney/Bullo to Chalford valley
Fanny Stephens, E & Co Butt, W 3 60t coal from Lydney to Stroud valley
Finis Pearce, T H Hawkins, J 13 60-70t coal to Stroud valley and roadstone to Stroud/ Cirencester
Flora Smart, J Watkins, H 13 Goods from Bristol, Cardiff, Bullo & Gloucester to Stroud/Chalford
Florence Ford Bros Long, G 3 60t corn from Bristol/Sharpness, coal Newport to Ryeford and flour in return
George Ford Bros Gould, R 3 55t corn from Bristol to Ryeford and flour in return
Gertrude Butt & Skurray Hayward, W 6 62t corn from Bristol, coal Cardiff to Lodgemore and some flour to Cardiff
Industry Smart, J Rudge, J 14 Coal roadstone corn timberfrom Bristol & Lydney to Stroud/Chalford
Jane Whiting, Z Couldrey, G 6 35-40t coal from Bullo to Eastington & Chalford
Lily Tayler, J Tayler, J 1 57t coal from Bullo to Gloucester
Maltster Cam, O James. A 1 36t coal from Cardiff to Saul Bridge
Mystery Pearce, T H Griffin, W 6 75t roadstone from Bristol to Stroud/Cirencester
Nancy Longney, E Brassington, C 1 59t coal from Cardiff to Dudbridge
Nellie Williams, R Mabbett, T 2 60t coal/roadstone from Lydne/Bristol
Perseverance Smart, J Webb, J or Butt, C 16 52t coal from Lydney/Bullo to Stroud/Chalford
Queen Esther Ford Bros Shurmer, W 3 65t coal from Cardiff to Ryeford and timber in return
Rapid Ward, E T White, F 13 60t coal from Lydney/Bullo to Dudbridge
Reform Field, A Browning, R 26 56t coal from Lydney/Bullo to Stroudwater
Reliance Stroud Gas Co Herbert, J 15 70t coal from Newport to Stroud gas works
Rose Ann Stephens, E & Co or Warren, G Long, T 4 58t coal/roadstone from Lydney/Bristol to Stroud valley
Sabrina Eglestaff, Mr Phillips, J 1 65t roadstone from Bristol to Wallbridge
Sarah Field, A Rudge, E 32 50t coal from Bullo/Lydney to Stroudwater
Sarah Pearce, T H Pegler, H 13 60t coal/roadstone from Bullo/Lydney/Bristol to Stonehouse/Brimscombe
Severn Bridge Powell, G Ralph, H 13 58t coal from Lydney to Dudbridge, Lodgemore & Froomhall
Try Pearce, T H Millard, W 13 60t coal from Bullo to Evans Mill
Valiant Rowles, S Carter, C 8 60t roadstone from Chepstow to Stroudwater
Volunteer Rowles, S Rowles, J 12 70t roadstone from Chepstow/Bristol to Stroudwater
Wherry Clark, J Clark, G 15 64t coal from Bullo, 55t wheat Sharpness to Froombridge/Ebley
Wherry Rowles, S Bodman, W 1 65t roadstone from Chepstow to Saul Bridge/Ryeford