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Welcome to the Gloucestershire Society for Industrial Archaeology (GSIA) website. The Society was formed in 1964 to study and record the history and physical remains of Gloucestershire industries.

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Leckhampton Quarries

Featured Article

The Industrial Archaeology Of Leckhampton Hill by Ray Wilson

From about 1800 until 1924 a number of quarries were worked on the hill producing mainly stone for rockeries and walling. They were served by a network of tramroads and gravity operated inclined planes. During the 1920s an ill-fated scheme was carried out where four large steel kilns were erected on the hill to produce lime. This was to be transported off the hill by means of a standard gauge incline railway. The scheme was a total failure. This paper looks at the surviving remains.

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The Devils Chimney and Trye's incline in an engraving by Henry Lamb (1830)