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Cotswold Canals Heritage Database

Apologies this service will not be available until 20th June.

To search the database fill in at least one of the three fields and then click on search. (See below for Help)    

Type the BW site number here: (e.g.   1003)
Select Parish from the drop down menu:
Type keywords here:

If you enter a Site Number (in the range 1001 to 2191) only the details of this one site will be displayed irrespective of any entries in the other two boxes.

If you only select a Parish from the drop down list (and leave the other two boxes empty) then the details of all the sites in that parish will be displayed.

If an entry is made in the keywords box then the details of all sites which match keywords will be displayed.

Finally, A keyword search where the parish field has been set will limit the output to matching sites for just that parish.

Please note that for the time being keywords must be a single word or exact phrase The keywords are matched against the combined Site name or site description fields in the database. If you use lock as a keyword be prepared to get clock as well (for now). Searches are case insensitive

Please email us with any comments or corrections